Our Story


CLEAR Foundation is a Canadian nonprofit organization on a mission to eradicate all forms of dementia, including Alzheimer disease, by funding research towards a cure.

Our name stands for Canadians for Leading Edge Alzheimer Research, because that’s exactly what we are.

Like most of our supporters, we’re motivated by lived experience—by memories of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, siblings and friends lost to these awful diseases.

Because if someone you love has experienced Alzheimer disease or another form of dementia, you know it’s devastating—for the person afflicted, for their family and friends, their caregivers, and for society at large.

Unless we act fast, the distress caused by dementia will only get worse. Canada’s oldest Baby Boomers, now in their 70s, are already at heightened risk of developing dementia. And in the next ten years, that risk will skyrocket. A tidal wave of dementia diagnoses is coming.

middle aged asian woman with eyes closed

To us, the answer is clear.

The very best way to spare future generations the devastation of dementia is to get rid of it once and for all. And the only way to do that is through research.


Our 100% Commitment


To maximize the impact of every dollar donated to CLEAR, we direct 100% of the funds raised to promising scientific research into the cause, prevention, and treatment of Alzheimer disease and other dementias—with the ultimate goal of discovering a cure. We’re the only charitable organization in Canada whose singular purpose is to fund research in pursuit of a cure for Alzheimer disease and other dementias.


Finding The Missing Piece


The research we fund could lead to the breakthrough the world has been waiting for. Or it could become a missing piece in other research—a catalyst to another lab’s groundbreaking discovery, here in Canada or somewhere else in the world. In the global fight against this unforgiving disease, we’re all in this together.

We can win this fight—but we need your help. Now.