Dementia Resources

Self Education | Caregiver Support | Healthy Living | Dementia in Canada

Self Education

Learn more about dementia with the following online learning resources:


What is dementia? Online Learning: learn the fundamentals of dementia by taking this 15 minute online lesson | source: GeriCare  (partnership with The Government of Canada)


The Alzheimer Journey Learning Module: provides information in video form on the stages of Alzheimer’s and how the brain is affected | source: Alzheimer Society of Canada


Alzheimer Society of Canada Resource Library: a resource library that provides a broad range of helpful and informational documents, videos and links related to dementia | source: Alzheimer Society of Canada  


Understanding the Different Types of Dementia: a resource explaining the various forms of dementia, with links to additional resources | source: Forward with Dementia (Government of Canada Resource)

Caregiver Support

For caregivers supporting loved ones diagnosed with memory loss disease:


Caregiver Support Resources: educational resources, day to day care recommendations, and long-term care options from a Canadian lens | source: Alzheimer Society of Canada 


Benefits by Province: list of available benefits, resource and toolkits and reports for seniors and caregivers | source: Government of Canada


Caregiver Support Resource: provides a list of programs and services available across Canada | source: Alzheimer Society of Canada


Ways to Reduce Caregiver Stress: ways to reduce stress as a caregiver to a loved one diagnosed with dementia | source: Alzheimer Society of Canada 

Healthy Living

Information and resources on preventative measures:


Risk Factors & Prevention: resource on preventative methods and respective risk factors | source: Government of Canada 


What we Know About Dementia: explanation of risk factors, and what is known about prevention | source: Alzheimer’


Living with Dementia & Strategies to Live Well: various resources on how to live healthy when diagnosed with dementia | source: Alzheimer Society of Canada

Dementia in Canada

Resources on the current state of dementia in canada:


CanAge Dementia Report: a 2022 report outlining Canada’s current state of people living with dementia, including statistics, projections, and current government action | source: CanAge


Dementia - What is Canada Doing?: a government resource outlining Canada’s Dementia Strategy, funding, research and data on the disease | source: Government of Canada 


Dementia Numbers in Canada: data and statistics of dementia in Canada | source: Alzheimer Society of Canada