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The research we fund could lead to the breakthrough the world has been waiting for.

In its campaign to cure dementia, CLEAR has funded or committed to fund $16 million of research, and has leveraged that funding to $26.3 million through its use of partnerships with Michael Smith Health Research BC, Brain Canada, Genome BC and the Alzheimer Society of Canada.
Our research is dependent on the generosity of our supporters.

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Therapeutic targets for alleviating neuroinflammation in Alzheimer Disease

Dr. Brian MacVicar & Dr. Freda Miller University of British Columbia

Developing sensors for rapid detection of biomarker proteins for Alzheimer disease

Dr. Michael Adachi Simon Fraser University

The effects of resistance training on myelin and blood-based biomarkers of neuroplasticity in older adults

Dr. Nárlon Cássio Boa Sorte Silva University of British Columbia

3D bioprinting patient-derived neural tissues for screening potential treatments for Alzheimer disease

Dr. Amanda Orr University of Victoria

Building bespoke artificial cells and tissues on a chip for drug discovery

Dr. Katherine Elvira University of Victoria

The role of inflammatory bowel disease in the development of Alzheimer disease

Dr. Jordan Hamden University of British Columbia

d-Govadine: A promising treatment for targeting cognitive deficits in Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Anthony Phillips University of British Columbia

Quantifying navigational impairments in preclinical Alzheimer disease

Dr. Manu Madhav University of British Columbia

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